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The 3 Steps To LinkedIn Mastery – Free Linkedin Training Webinar

Learn How to Generate More Leads in One Month than Most Competitors Do in One Year

Presented By Alex Pirouz

Program featured in Getting Your Business LinkedIn & The Big Book Of Social Media

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Date: 3rd June 2015 Time: 2pm EDT

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In this FREE Linkedin training webinar you will discover the 3-step system we used to:

Build a database of over 330 contacts in the media and get featured in over 50 media publications without sending out a SINGLE press release.

Secure speaking opportunities at Movie premiers, Universities and Blue Chip Companies including Microsoft, Swinburne and Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Grow our network from 50 contacts to over 11,100 and achieve one of the top 1% most viewed and connected LinkedIn profiles in 2014.

Generate millions of dollars in extra revenue across 55 different industries in a little over 2 years.

Write regularly for several international business publications giving us a reach of close to 1 million business owners every month.

Promote multiple one day conferences through LinkedIn with over 2000 people registering across 8 different events.

Build key joint venture partnerships helping our business grow our database from 250 to
over 14,000 subscribers

Once you master the 3-step system, you too can easily replicate these results within your own business. The 3-step system has been specifically built to make it as easy as possible for you to understand and then implement the lessons within your business.

With over 300 million users and 49% of them being key decision-makers there has never been a better time to attend our free Linkedin training event that is going to show you how to search, build and market to a network of targeted leads in order to accelerate the growth of your business. Simply enter your details below to register!!

Online Registration:

Date: 3rd June 2015 Time: 2pm EDT

privacy Hurry, Limited Spots Available!!

Case Studies

Siimon Reynolds

Co-Founder of The Fortune Institute

“By applying this program we managed to connect with thousands of targeted contacts quickly. I highly recommend Linkfluencer and their amazing strategy.”

Clare Mann


“Within the first hour of going through the Business Accelerator Program I received a request to be interviewed for a TV show on Entrepreneurs to be aired on a major television station.”

Creel Price

Sold Blue Print Management Group for $109 Million

“If you use the insights from experts and continually fine-tune your approach, the results will come. After several successes I now believe Linkfluencer is one of the most powerful marketing mediums available to business today.”

Joe Matthews

Software Worx

“Within two months of using the Linkfluencer system I have now generated an extra $60,000 with the potential of that turning into $100k+ from just one new connection on LinkedIn.”

Janine Zappini Rosa

Co-Founder of Simply Raw

“When I compare the Linkfluencer system to other marketing initiatives I have tried in the past, it is by far more superior. Its uniqueness and ease of use allowed me to implement the lessons and achieve my marketing objectives virtually right away.”

Martin Martinez

Founder of Entrepreneur Card

“By using the Linkfluencer system I managed to secure partnerships with Virgin, Optus, Hilton Hotel and over 30 other leading brands. I highly recommend this methodology to anyone who is looking at creating strategic partnerships, securing extra clients and building their personal brand through the media.”

Amanda Fisher

Connected Accountants

“Getting our message in front of key decision-makers has been extremely hard to achieve without spending thousands of dollars in marketing. By using Linkfluencer’s unique 3-step process we managed to get in front of hundreds of our clients without spending a cent on advertising.”

To compete in a business world that is rapidly changing all the time, learning and implementing the latest sales and marketing strategies is critical to your success in business. That’s why we developed this FREE LinkedIn training event.

With over 85% of business owners unable to effectively use LinkedIn as a marketing tool, you have a great opportunity to be first to market with a proven and tested system. Just like any other marketing platform, those who enter the market first, get the biggest rewards.

In this FREE Linkedin training you will also learn:

The No 1 reason why most businesses suck at generating leads whilst a select few simply cannot keep up with the demand.

How to stop cold calling/telemarketing once and for all so you can spend more time on the business rather than in it.

Whether LinkedIn is the right social media network to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

How to generate hundreds of leads per month without spending thousands of dollars on advertising or marketing.

The top 3 most common mistakes people make on LinkedIn and how to avoid them.

Key strategies and tips you can apply in your business to start seeing results instantly.

About Alex Pirouz

From failing in his first four businesses to running and exiting multiple successful start-up businesses, one with over 35 staff, he’s the business advisor business owners turn to for business advice.

Alex’s work has been featured in over 50 media publications and he currently writes for several business magazines.

Based on the results he has achieved whilst using LinkedIn within his various businesses, Alex launched Linkfluencer with the aim of teaching business owners around the world how to leverage LinkedIn to effectively grow and market their business.

Online Registration:

Date: 3rd June 2015 Time: 2pm EDT

privacy Hurry, Limited Spots Available!!

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