About Us

Interview with the founder Alex Pirouz

With over 300+ million users, LinkedIn has become the world’s largest social network for business. Two new members are joining every second and according to the Alexa report, LinkedIn is rated the 13th most visited website in the world.

With numbers continuing to grow year in year out, training and education on the effective use of the platform is lacking, with very little to no resources available.

Identifying this deficiency and based on the results he had achieved whilst using LinkedIn over the past 3 years within his various businesses, our founder Alex Pirouz launched Linkfluencer with the aim of empowering and educating business owners around the world how to leverage LinkedIn to effectively grow and market their business, based on his unique 3–step methodology.

Accelerator Program

Over the past few years we have trained thousands of business owners, tested the strategy across 25 different industries, achieved some phenomenal results all whilst making every mistake possible. This, combined with our founders experience in personal branding, marketing and sales, has enabled us to build a 3-step process that is proven to get results without the hype. Our online Business Accelerator program is designed to give you the step-by-step tools, resources and support you need to learn how to master LinkedIn.


For any marketing campaign to be successful you need a plan and LinkedIn is no different. In this section we take a good look at your marketing objectives over the next 3-6 months, get crystal clear on your target demographic and than build your profile and personal brand to compliment those goals.


With a clear understanding of what you’re looking to achieve in using LinkedIn, it’s now time to build your sales funnel. We do this by segmenting your database, searching for your target demographic and designing a connection campaign to target those clients.


By this stage you should have a good database of targeted contacts, we now need to effectively commercialise your list. In this section you will learn how to design, implement & systemize a powerful email marketing campaign to funnel your leads in taking action and engaging further with you.


Client Reviews

  • amanda

    “Getting our message in front of key decision makers has been extremely hard to achieve without spending thousands of dollars in marketing. By using the Linkfluencer 3-step process we managed to get in front of hundreds of our clients without spending a cent on advertising”

    Amanda FisherAuthor of Connected Technology
  • alice_pic“With 27 years experience in business I have come across many different ways to build a database of qualified leads, but none quite as powerful as LinkedIn. By applying this program we managed to connect with thousands of targeted contacts quickly. I highly recommend Linkfluencer and their amazing strategy.”

    Siimon ReynoldsCo-Founder of The Fortune Institute
  • janine_pic

    “When you compare the Linkfluencer system to other marketing initiatives I have tried in the past, it is by far more superior. Its uniqueness and ease of use allowed me to implement the learnings and achieve my marketing objectives virtually right away”

    Janine Zappini RosaCo-Founder of Simply Raw
  • martin_pic

    “Within the first few hours of going through the Business Accelerator Program I received a request to be interviewed for a TV show on Entrepreneurs to be aired on a major television station. If you are looking for new business, partnerships and leads- LinkedIn is the place to go and with Linkfluencers course you’ll find the step-by-step approach facilitates your goals so much faster!”

    Clare MannDirector Of Communicate31
  • clien_pic “If you use insights from experts and continually fine tune your approach, the results will come. After several successes I now believe Linkfluencer is one of the most powerful marketing mediums available to business today”

    Creel PriceSold Blue Print Management Group for $109 Million, LinkedIn Influencer
  • mark_pic

    “I am always skeptical about social media. The main thrust of online marketing is to get a return on my investment and attract the right type of people to market too. With the Linkfluencer system I achieved both those results”

    Mark HoltermannThe Fortune Institute